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Black Friday/cyber Monday deals (updating)

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I’ll be updating this post with more information and deals regarding holiday sales for this weekend! Check back here for more information, or comment below if you’re interested in deals from a specific place.

You can click on the bolded name of each brand, and (if available) you can view all the posts I’ve made on that brand to see what my favorites, or least favorites are!

Check it out!
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July Favorites

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When I went to organize the products for this post, it literally took me five seconds. All of these products I’ve been using non stop throughout July and I’ve loved them. A few are new to me and I’ve recently got in the last month and the rest are products I’ve had sitting in my collection and have only started to use them this month.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving this month!

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Urban Decay Nooner vs Kiko Milano 46

Blog, The dupe test


Nooner from the Naked 3 palette is one of my favorite shades of all time, let alone my favorite shade from the Naked 3 palette. I love a great taupe eyeshadow and a rosy taupe is even better! However, I recently bought a couple of eyeshadows from Kiko Milano (one was reviewed here) and I noticed that one of the shades from the Wet and Dry line in the color 46 seemed very similar to nooner. As soon as I got home, I tested both eyeshadows to see if they had any similarities.

Let’s check it out!

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The matchup: Purple monochromatic makeup

Blog, The Matchup


Unlike my last post that featured mauve makeup, this will be showcasing a more purple-grey look. In this post, I’ll be using the following thing:

  • The shades pearlthistle, and nightingale from the Julep flights of fancy palette in Solstice
  • The Urban Decay primer potion in original
  • The Kiko Milano smart eyeshadow in 08
  • The Julep gel eyeliner in radiant amethyst
  • The Bite Beauty amuse bouche lipstick in cava

Keep reading to learn how to get what I call a “sunset” look. The latest trend is also called sunset eyes (see a great tutorial here) but it draws inspiration from a sunrise. The shades used include hot pink, red, orange, and yellow, shades you see in the morning. My look is more subtle, drawing colors from a sunset- dusty blue and greyish purple.

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Kiko Milano Mini Divas baked eyeshadow review

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I recently did a whole post on the Kiko Milano mini divas collection here, and I didn’t have a lot of positive takeaways. The short reason is that I felt the entire collection as a whole was overpriced for what it was, especially this eyeshadow, and you can read that post for my explanation as to why.

So you might be thinking this:

“Okay, it’s overpriced. So what? It’s a capsule collection, of course it’ll be more expensive. Why shouldn’t I get this anyways?”

Here’s why: the quality is clearly lacking in this eyeshadow. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

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6 Bold Lipsticks for Summer

Blog, The Bella Edit


I never wear bold lipsticks on an everyday basis. My idea of a bold everyday lipstick is like a dark brown. Seriously.

But in the summer? I love wearing super bright shades, deeper shades, and all of the unwearable shades in my collection. Part of the reason is I don’t always want to put on a full face of makeup in the summer, so all I have to do is swipe on a bright lipstick (and maybe some mascara) and my face instantly looks more made up.

I also consider bright lipsticks to be my “confidence colors” or the colors I instantly feel better in. I love nude lipsticks, but nothing can ever replace the feeling of applying a shocking bright pink.

Read on to see my ultimate summer shades!

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Gone swatching: Kiko Milano Mini Divas collection

Blog, Gone swatching


Today I’m sharing swatches and a short review of the products included in the Kiko Milano Mini Divas collection.

The Mini Divas collection is a set of products that are travel sized. It recently launched to celebrate Kiko Milano’s 20th anniversary! This collection includes an eyeshadow (4 shades), a blush (1 shade), a bronzer (1 shade) an eyeliner and mascara duo (1 shade), lipsticks (3 shades), an essentials kit (scissors, tweezers, nail file & a case), a clear clutch, a kabuki brush, and a cleanser duo.

That’s a lot, so expect a long post.

I’ve swatched most of this line and photographed what was on display so let’s take a look!

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Haul from Burberry and Kiko Milano

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Here’s my haul from my shopping trip in Milan, where I got a few lipsticks from Burberry and grabbed a few products to try from Kiko Milano.

For me, when I splurge on makeup, it’s always lipstick (and most often from Burberry). I’ve checked out a few of the other products Burberry sells (like this one) but I’ve never thought they were worth the money. I’m willing to pay $30 for one lipstick, but I would never consider paying $62 for this eyeshadow palate or $68 for this highlight.

Burberry is the most high-end brand I will ever buy (I discussed how I felt about Tom Ford here) and I just think brands like Dior and Chanel sell makeup that is so overpriced, you reach a point where you’re paying for packaging and only packaging.

Meanwhile, Kiko Milano is a new brand based in Milan with drugstore like prices. Their products are pretty cost friendly, but I’ve never tried any of the products so I can’t speak for the quality. However, they ship all over Europe and to the US which is great!

Let’s check it out!

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