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My trip to bite beauty lip lab

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I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York about a month ago! I went into thinking I’d create my “perfect nude” and “perfect red” (remember that series?).

My mom did it with me, and she wanted two create two lipsticks: one for my grandmother who is devoted to the discontinued MAC lipstick icon. I talk a lot in my reviews about overused or highly dupable shade, but unfortunately for my grandmother (and me because I’m searching for it) icon is very much a unique silver metallic with lavender undertones (see Temptalia’s post here). My mom also decided to make herself a lipstick, but she hadn’t decided what color.

There are lip labs in Toronto, and New York, where I went. There used to be one in San Francisco, but it has since closed.

Overall, I really liked the experience. Read on for my tips and suggestions!

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Feedback time!

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I’ve been running this blog now for about a month and a half and I thought it was time to ask all of you exactly what you think of this blog. I’ve created a survey on Google forms here so please go check that out and give me any feedback you have! It’s completely anonymous and I really want to hear what you have to say.

Thank you very much!

Ciao bella!


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Downsizing my collection

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After 3 weeks of traveling while wearing simple makeup and only using stuff from my small makeup bag, I though I’d be excited to come home and utilize the rest of my collection.

Instead I was overwhelmed with how much makeup I have.

So I decided to go through my makeup and pull out two piles:

  1. Makeup that is bad and I don’t use because I hate the color/how it performs. This was a small pile.
  2. Makeup that is okay to great that I just don’t reach for because it gets lost in my collection. This was a bigger pile.

The makeup I determined was bad, I put away to be reviews and then given away/thrown out. The makeup that wasn’t given enough use, I put into a box to use over the next few weeks. Am I not reaching for it because it gets buried underneath other makeup? Am I not reaching for it because it doesn’t have a place in my collection? Am I not reaching for it because I have other products that duplicate this?

Time to find out!

I’ll be updating my experience with what I get rid of in the end. The things I’ve already gotten rid of (given to a friend) are…

-NYX soft matte lip cream in London (the color was awful on me)

-Julep eyeshadow 101 in Bronze shimmer (color looked bad on my skin tone).

Ciao bella!

Day 5: Puglia

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After flying into Puglia yesterday, we spent the rest of the day swimming in and along the water.

I also used the time to edit photos for this blog and take new photos!

Today, we had breakfast along the water and swam some more, before leaving and driving to another town in Puglia called Ostuni.

This town was full of white houses and olive (and almond) groves planted in uniform lines. After walking around a little, we ate dinner at a place called Osteria Monacelle which had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. Traditional Italian food all the way! I highly recommend if you’re in Ostuni.

Ciao bella!




Day 3: Milan

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Ciao from Milan!

I spent my second day here shopping for makeup. I visited Kiko Milano, Burberry, and possibly the coolest Sephora ever (except for the giant one in New York).

It had three floors. The ground floor was makeup. I noticed it had many more high-end brands than my local Sephora (Chanel, Dior, Armani and Guerlain) and didn’t have many of the mid end brands found in the states (Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills).

On the bottom floor there was skincare and perfume. Italians take their perfume seriously and that floor definitely showed that. There were displays showing Dolce & Gabbana as well as Armani and every other brand that sells perfume. For skincare, I recognized GlamGlow as well as the Sephora collection’s set of sheet masks.

On the highest floor there was a Benefit bar and a Make Up For Ever area as well for people to get their makeup done. It looked out over the front of the store in a super cool way, and there were chairs and snacks by the Benefit bar!

I bought a few things from Burberry and Kiko Milano (a brand I’ve never tried before so I’m super excited to test it out). Expect a haul post and reviews soon!
Ciao bella!

Day 2: Milan

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Ciao from the heart of fashion, Milan!

I spend the day shopping, swatching-

-not that kind of swatch (though my brother did get a watch there), and eating great food.

I started out clothes shopping, then I had lunch with my family and the Martini Bar (highly recommend).

I went to the Burberry store and swatches some of their lipsticks (expect some mini review soon!) and tried on many pairs of outrageously high heels (sprained ankle? what? no).

I ate at Nobu for dinner, and am now going to bed and attempting to over come the jet lag.

Ciao bella!


Bella goes to Milan

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Ciao bella!

After a week in Whistler, a small town in British Columbia, where I spent the time getting this blog up and running (seriously, I spent the whole week doing that) I’m now moving on to Italy, and I’ll be posting from each area I stay.

First stop: Milan.

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