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december favorites

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This month I received a bunch of new products, mainly for the holidays. I’ve been really happy with all of the new things!

Most of these are either for the lips or the face, a nice change of pace from last month’s eye heavy favorites post. This post also includes my first ever nail favorites! Keep reading to see what I loved this month.

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Gone swatching: Bite beauty holiday collection

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In this post I’ll be swatching, reviewing, and calculating the actual value of all the holiday gift sets Bite Beauty has to offer this year.

As with all gift sets, Sephora offers a supposed “value” of the product you’re getting. While it’s easy to tell if that’s true with a couple of full-sized products, things get dicier when you’re dealing with minis, or minis of different prices.

To figure out the true value of a set, first I calculate the price per ounce (like in this post), and then multiply that by the amount of ounces in the kit. From there, I get the true value of the kit. More often than not (unless you’re Hourglass) the value of the kit isย overย the price of the kit, meaning you’re getting more value than you’re paying for, which is good. However, equally often, the value of the kit isย underย the value Sephora states, meaning it’s not as good of a deal as you think it is.

Essentially, I’ll be breaking down the makeup kits Bite Beauty has to offer this year based on their value, and providing swatches. Let’s get into it!

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6 Bold Lipsticks for Summer

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I never wear bold lipsticks on an everyday basis. My idea of a bold everyday lipstick is like a dark brown. Seriously.

But in the summer? I love wearing super bright shades, deeper shades, and all of the unwearable shades in my collection. Part of the reason is I don’t always want to put on a full face of makeup in the summer, so all I have to do is swipe on a bright lipstick (and maybe some mascara) and my face instantly looks more made up.

I also consider bright lipsticks to be my “confidence colors” or the colors I instantly feel better in. I love nude lipsticks, but nothing can ever replace the feeling of applying a shocking bright pink.

Read on to see my ultimate summer shades!

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The matchup: Mauve lips

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Ciao, and welcome to the matchup, where I’ll be matching similar products. A note: this is not a dupes section, this is simply a place to find things that go well together, such as a matching blush and lipstick.

For this post, I’ve found the ingredients for the ultimate mauve lip:

  • A lip liner
  • A matte liquid lipstick
  • A lip gloss

All matching in color.

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