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Burt’s Bees matte lip crayon review

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I’d always loved the Burt’s Bees normal lip balm, so I was super excited to test out their pigmented crayons. I bought mine based off the recommendation of Stephanie from the Beauty Bucketeer (read her review here) and loved the way Niagara overlook looked on her. When I got to the store, I was worried Niagara overlook would be too dark, so I picked up Sedona sands first. Later, I bought Carolina coast and most recently picked up Niagara overlook which I mentioned in a recent haul.

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My favorite lipsticks

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In honor of national lipstick day, I’ve compiled a list of my top lipsticks of all time. All of these will be either traditional bullet lipsticks or liquid lipsticks and I’ll include lip swatches for each one.

This list goes from #7 on the list to #1 with two honorable mentions. Keep in mind that all of these are favorites and it was very hard to put them in an order!

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The matchup: Mauve lips

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Ciao, and welcome to the matchup, where I’ll be matching similar products. A note: this is not a dupes section, this is simply a place to find things that go well together, such as a matching blush and lipstick.

For this post, I’ve found the ingredients for the ultimate mauve lip:

  • A lip liner
  • A matte liquid lipstick
  • A lip gloss

All matching in color.

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