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Holiday gift guide: warm eyeshadow

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This season, warm eyeshadow has been the hottest item (pun intended) in the makeup world. This look has completely exploded, meaning there are so many different shades to choose from.

On this list, I’ll have an affordable one, a mini one, the original one, the popular one, the matte one, and the other one.

Also, bare in mind that there are many different types of warm eyeshadow.

  1. Bold, warm shades such as red, orange, and yellow.
  2. True warm shades, featuring lots of warm brown.
  3. Warm reds and pinks

I’ve tried to put in at least one of each type on this list.

Let’s check it out!

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7 dupes for the Naked Heat palette

Blog, The dupe test


So the Naked Heat palette came out in the middle of June and naturally people freaked out. It was the first Naked palette in 2 years, and they hype was crazy for it. I really wanted it at first. Then I read this post from the Anti Haul blog that cut through all the noise and I decided I didn’t need it…right now.

I was however interested in the colors featured in the palette. Would warm bronzes look good on me? Would I like them? Is this a trend I want to follow?

I wasn’t sure, so I decided to look through my collection for similar shades and look a little online for some close dupes.

A quick note about this post: none of these are exactly the same as the Naked Heat as I do not own it and have not swatched. I also don’t own most of the dupes I’m suggesting. However, if you’re looking to try similar shades at a lower price, this is a good post for you. For comparison swatches, I’m using this post by The Anna Edit.

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Smashbox Always on matte lipstick review

Makeup Reviews, Reviews

Everybody in the internet world loved these when they launched. And (of course) people like them for one of the following three reasons.

  1. They got them for free.
  2. They like Lilly Singh and want to support her.
  3. Somehow, they legitimately like the lipstick.

I fell into category two. Lilly Singh was the first youtuber I ever watched consistently and I still really enjoy watching her videos.

Her lipsticks though?

Not as much.

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Smashbox Color Corrector review

Makeup Reviews, Reviews

I bought this about nine months ago, when I got my Beautyblender (review here) and the Smashbox Contour Sticks (review soon).  I’d seen some review of this somewhere (probably on allure which was my only beauty intake at the time) which was positive, so I saw it in store and decided to get it in the shade get less red (green).

At the time I…

A) didn’t have a lot of spots to cover

B) was using a more high coverage foundation than I use now

C) loved it.

All three of those things have changed.

I now use the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (shade 1 Fair), have more red spots on my face to cover, and strongly dislike this color corrector.

It’s not as bad as the Essence one (swatch and short review here) but I think it’s unusable for other reasons.

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