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So this post is long overdue, mostly because none of my packages arrived at the same time. Essentially, these are just my purchases from November. Because I’ve been using all of them for a week (at the least) this will be a haul with my current opinions of the product!

I placed orders from Sephora during their VIB sale, Colourpop during their buy one get one free eyeshadow sale, and Glossier…right before a sale (because I didn’t think ahead).

Let’s go!

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Is Colourpop raising its prices?

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With the launch of Colourpop at Sephora, there’s one question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Will Colourpop, a traditionally affordable brand, be raising their prices to meet the standards of Sephora, a traditionally more expensive retailer?

And the answer is yes, but in the sneakiest, sly, way possible. There are two places where you’re going to be spending more money by shopping at Sephora compared to the colourpop website.

First, let’s go through all of the products Colourpop is offering on Sephora for the launch on Halloween.

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