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August Favorites

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This August, I’ve been loving a nice mix of makeup. The funny part about this post is that only 2 of the 6 products I’ve picked out are new. The other few are some that I’ve had for a while and I’ve just now rediscovered.

Read on to see what I’ve been loving this August!

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Winky Lux whipped cream primer review

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So I tend to keep an eye out for gimmicky products. I mean, what do I want more: a product that looks cool or a product that works? Sometimes both, but I’m mostly looking for things that do their job.

That’s why I was incredibly skeptical of this product. I’d checked it out on the website before I received it as PR and was really surprised that so many people liked this product. After I got it, it took me forever to test it out because primer isn’t something I wear when I’m trying to get my makeup done quick and I was testing out two other primers at the time.

Here’s the thing about Winky Lux: they boast that their prices are affordable, when in reality they’re sort of a middle ground between brands like Colourpop and brands like Too Faced. The prices are actually quite similar to brands like Covergirl or L’oreal- brands that were once cheap but are now drastically raising their prices.  At $19, it was the cheapest in my collection featuring the Hourglass mineral veil primer ($19/3 oz or $54/1.01oz), the Julep illuminating and mattifying primers ($28/1 oz), and my all time favorite BECCA first light priming filter ($38/30ml).

However, $19 still isn’t exactly cheap, so how does this stack up?

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