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Recently, I ordered the Rose Quartz highlight from BECCA (review coming soon– spoiler alert I love it) and received three foundation samples with my order. Of course, none of them were my shade, so I mixed two to attempt to cover my face.

Key word: attempt.

There was so little product in these sample pods that I could hardly cover my face once, let alone trying it out multiple times to get a full opinion. I wore it for one day over the BECCA first light primer with no setting powder or other makeup, and buffed it out with the Tarte air buffer brush.

Keep reading for swatches of the three colors I received and a short review!

I should probably disclose first that I went into this really wanting to like it but knowing I wouldn’t. Here’s the thing: I don’t really wear liquid foundation or full coverage anything. This is both. I like to use a light/medium coverage concealer on the places I need to conceal then buff it out with a fluffy brush. The only thing I need to conceal is redness in my cheeks and pimples, meaning a high coverage foundation would be major overkill for me.

However, I’d just seen BECCA promoting pretty photos of it on their Instagram, so I had high hopes.

The line has 20 shades total. It claims to be full coverage with a natural finish and it is suitable for ✔ sensitive, normal, dry, combination, and oily skin.

From my experience, I’d recommend this more for oily skin. My skin is combination dry with some oils patches on my nose. I think this is too full coverage to suit most dry skin types.

After trying this foundation out for a day, I have decided I will not buy it. It’s not for me.

On the bright side, it blended out really well on my face. The foundation dried down eventually, but it was easy to blend before that happened. I didn’t struggle with patchiness or anything. Also, there’s no noticeable scent to it.

It felt heavy on my skin for most of the day and it clung to drier areas. The best way I can explain how it looked is to say that it sat on top of my skin instead of naturally blending with my skin.

In a couple of selfies I took, it looked great, but in person it was obvious and unflattering. I think this may appeal to someone with oily(ish) skin who enjoys full coverage foundations, but it wasn’t a look I wanted or enjoyed.

Porcelain is a very light shade that’s too light for even me (and I’m typically the lightest shade in each foundation/concealer). It’s the lightest shade in the line.

Driftwood (previously nude) is a light medium shade that is the 7th shade. This was actually the perfect contour shade for me, and I kept using it to cream contour my cheeks, even after I stopped using it as foundation.

Maple (previously tobacco) is a dark color that’s 15th in the line. This shade was far to dark to have any uses for me, so I added a little bit to deepen the contour, but otherwise didn’t do much with it.

Overall, I think this is worth checking out if you’re interested in full coverage foundations. I, however, am not, and will not be purchasing a full size.

Ciao bella!





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