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So a few weeks ago, I tested out the priming moisturizer by Glossier because I received a sample of it with my most recent glossier post.

However, as I sat down to write this post, I realized I didn’t have my camera with me that had all of my photos on it for this post.

Nice job me.

Luckily I had written down some notes about what I thought, so I was still able to write the review, but this post is a few weeks later than I expected. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on yet another product from this super hyped brand!

I had a fair amount in the sample container, so I got to use this for a full week! There’s not as much as in Urban Decay samples, which I can use for 2 weeks (and more!) but that’s about normal for a sample.

The full size version of this comes with 1.7 fl oz and costs $25, making me wonder why their sunscreen (thoughts on it here) has 1 fl oz and costs $35.

This is a nice primer. I tested it with various foundations and concealers, notably the RMS un-cover up in 00 (my current fav, swatches here), the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation in 1 fair, and the Julep Complexion Perfecter in 120 linen. It worked great beneath all of them and it absorbed into my skin quickly and created a smooth base. While wearing it, I didn’t notice any extra glow to my skin or radiance in the way I do with my all time favorite primer, the BECCA first light primer filter (short review and swatch here).

I noticed that I broke out a little on my cheek, but it was nothing unusual for me, and I was testing out far too many products to pinpoint the cause.

When I applied makeup overtop, whether with concealer on, foundation, or no base, I had no difficulty applying powder products or cream products overtop. Needless to say, this works well with the Glossier cloud paint blush (review here).

The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was that it wasn’t really moisturizing. That wasn’t a huge deal for me, because I don’t care if my primer is moisturizing or not (I love the Hourglass Priming Veil and that’s not moisturizing). However, I do care about whether a brand is being true to the claims they make, especially the claims they make in the name of the product itself.

The other worry I have about this is that it contains retinal, which can be dangerous combined with sun exposure. That’s okay if you’re aware of that, but I don’t really appreciate that Glossier doesn’t have any disclaimer or notice about that.

This was a great primer. This was a bad moisturizer, and didn’t come close to replacing my go to moisturizer (this one by Julep). So if you’re looking for a primer, and you don’t want to spend $38 on the BECCA primer, I would go with this. For a relatively luminous look, it’s not a bad option. However if you’re looking for something more moisturizing, I would skip this (and maybe check out Glossier’s priming moisturizer rich here).

If you are interested in buying this, I have a link here where you’ll receive 10% off your first purchase. In return, I receive a commission that I can put towards buying new Glossier products to review. It’s a win-win for both of us! If not, I highly recommend the BECCA first light priming filter for a luminous finish. However, those two are not dupes, which is something to keep in mind.

Ciao bella!





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