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When I heard about the beautyblender, I went through what I call 5 stages of consumerism.

  1. I don’t need or want this.
  2. Okay, maybe I want something like this but $20 is far to expensive. There’s a dupe, right?
  3. There’s no dupe for it.
  4. I am done using an old disposable sponge. Please. Save. Me.
  5. Fine. I shall buy the tiny pink sponge. I give up.

I knew I wanted this when I saw it in store while shopping at Nordstrom, passed on it, and regretted it for the coming month. I bought it the next time I was there, and haven’t regretted it since.

I bought the $25 version that came with a mini beautycleaner which I really liked. I clean mine (slightly) after every use and deep clean about every 3 weeks with my makeup brushes. I eventually bought a full-sized beautycleaner for my brushes (which also comes with a brush scrub pad) and like it more than anything I’ve used such as spray brush cleaner or baby shampoo.

This applies my foundation flawlessly (I blend all my concealer with my finger) as well as cream highlight and contour. The teardrop shape is amazing for getting into any crevices of my face. Mine has lasted for 8 months (and counting) because of how I wash it after each use. If you take good care of your beautyblender, it’ll last a long time. I’ve completely ignored the suggested use time of 3 months.

The only downsides I can think of are this:

  1. It’s not travel friendly because it needs to be wet to use and dry to travel with.
  2. If you don’t let it air dry, mold can grow.
  3. The dyed sponge (anything but the nude color) bleeds color in the first few uses. This didn’t interfere with how I used it, but it’s just something to keep in mind.
  4. You must wash it frequently or the sponge will be covered in foundation marks.

But none of those are enough to stop me from rebuying or stopping my use of the one I have. It’s my favorite way to blend foundation (the close second being this brush from Tarte).

I highly recommend this for the perfect flawless finish to your foundation, regardless of which one you use!

Ciao bella!






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