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To be honest, cleaning brushes is a hassle. Even though I have a small brush collection, it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how through of a cleaning I’m doing,

However, I’ve complied a list of my favorite cleaners- one for a quick clean and one for a deeper clean.

Let’s take a look!

For the quick clean: Japonesque

This is a spray that works for all brushes. It doesn’t really clean them, but it removes all color (great for brushes I use with powder products).

I spray this onto the brush and then rub it on a paper towel until all the color comes off. Simple as that!

The best part is that you can spray this onto the brush you want to remove the color on and then use the brush immediately after. No waiting for it to dry!

I use this about twice a month if I don’t do a deep clean.

For the deep clean: BeautyBlender

I use the solid to truly clean my brushes, not just remove the color. I also use this for cleaning my beauty blender (review here).

I wet my brush, then dip it in the cleaner, then rub it on the included brush pad and repeat that a few times until the color is gone and the brush feels clean.

The best thing about this one is the included scrub pad (in the pink) for really getting out all the color. I use this about once a month (and after every use for the beauty blender). I’ve also found that this has improved the quality of my brushes! After each use, they’re softer and it even made my Benefit cheek brush (that came with the hoola bronzer) a little softer.

These are the best ways I’ve found for cleaning and removing color from my brushes, and I’ve tried shampoo, normal soap, and other methods.

Ciao bella!

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