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Ciao! This time in my search for the perfect red lipstick, I though I’d check out what L’oreal has to offer. Once again, I’m judging these lipsticks by the criteria listed in this post.

From L’oreal I tested out three shades from their Color Riche line (I tried 297- Red Passion, 317- Ruby Flame, and 350- British red).


Ruby Flame is, well too much of a ruby while British Red is more of a coral. Red Passion is the closest to what I’m looking for, except it is a bit more berry toned then red.

Winner: 297- Red passion

Ranking: 4/5.



The color riche lipsticks cost $9.99 from Ulta, which narrowly fits into the zone for a 5 ranking ($1-$10). It’s not quite as cheap as the lipsticks from NYX, but it’s still not that expensive.

Ranking: 5/5



The packaging is simple and pretty from the outside, but when I hold it in my hand, it feels cheap. It’s incredibly light and the tube is made of gold-colored plastic with a matte black base. The top and the bottom aren’t magnetic and they don’t snap shut very well.

Ranking: 1/5



A L’oreal lipstick without scent is about as rare good eyeshadow from the drugstore. And this lipstick is no exception. However, this is not as heavily scented as the Infallible Lip Paint (which I love, the scent is just so overpowering). Does it smell lightly of roses? No. Does it smell as bad as the infallible lip paint? No. So, I’m going to rank this as somewhere in the middle.

Ranking: 2.5/5


Ease of application:

I was almost sold on the shade Red Passion. Except, when I was applying it to my hand it really pulled at my skin in an uncomfortable way. I am going to give it points for being in a bullet format, not a wand applicator.

Ranking: 3.5/5



Formula is okay. Like I said above, it pulled on my skin when I applied it (Red Passion more so than any other color). It felt a little dry on my hand too. However, it wasn’t streaky and didn’t emphasize lines. Overall, the formula just seemed eh, not great but not bad either.

Ranking: 3/5



Wow was this pigmented! It was full coverage and beautiful. It wasn’t streaky at all, and I didn’t have any  issues getting even color.

Ranking: 4.5/5


Wear time:

I didn’t test this on my lips, so I can’t testify how long it lasts.

Ranking: N/a


Limited edition:

Not limited edition.

Ranking: 5/5


Final thoughts:

To me, this lipstick was underwhelming. It fell squarely in the middle for most of the categories. Because of that, I’m not going to buy this lipstick- for my perfect red or at all.

Ciao bella!





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