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I’m back with another batch of red lipsticks to test out.

For this test I tried a few reds from the Kate Moss lasting finish collection as well as two shades from the Only 1 matte collection.

From Kate Moss I tested 111, 107, 110 (creative names, right?).

From the only 1 matte, I tried 500- Take the stage and 120- Call the shots.

Let’s take a look!


For the Kate Moss finish, only one of the shades are red (111) and the same thing goes for the Only 1 matte (500).

500 is the perfect wonder-woman-esque red and I really liked it. In fact, it seemed to be everything I was looking for in a red.

I actually came very very close to buying 500, but it has one major flaw I couldn’t look past (I’m still tempted to get it though).

Winner: 500- Take the stage

Rating: 5/5



The Kate Moss lipstick retails for $5.49 at Ulta and the Only 1 matte lipstick retails for $11.50 at Asos. The Kate Moss one has .14 oz of product ($39/oz) while the Only 1 comes with .13 oz ($88/oz).

Winner: Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick (any shade)

Rating: 5/5



The Kate Moss color comes in a snap shut tube that is neither here nor there in terms of quality. It feels like its from the drugstore, however it looks relatively nice. Meanwhile the other one has a red tube that slides off to reveal a silver barrel. I prefer the Kate Moss packaging, but it isn’t ideal.

Winner: Kate Moss lasting finish (either shade)

Rating: 2.5/5



Remember how I said the shade 500 had a major flaw? Okay, here it is: the thing smells worse than any L’oreal lipstick I’ve tried, and those are notorious for strong scents. I’m actually not that sensitive to smell and I’ve never discarded an item for its scent, but this was so bad I couldn’t even stand to have it on my hand. Everything about that lipstick was perfect, but I had a lot of trouble moving past the awful smell that remained on my hand even after I wiped it off. Typically smell isn’t that important to me, but in this case it ruined a beautiful lipstick. The Kate Moss lipstick on the other hand has a nice vanilla smell (similar to the NYX matte lip cream) and wins by default because anything is better than the heavily perfumed smell of the Only 1 lipstick.

Winner: Kate Moss lasting finish (either shade)

Rating: 3/5


Ease of application:

Both get major points for being in bullet form, and both are very smooth in the way they apply. Neither were streaky at all. I own one of the Kate Moss lasting finish lipsticks (56, Boho Nude) and it applies very nicely. While the Kate Moss one was great at application, the Only 1 matte was perfect. It glided on perfectly with full coverage (the photo above was taken with only one swipe).

Winner: The Only 1 Matte (either color)

Rating: 5/5



As I mentioned before, I own the Kate Moss lipstick and the formula is great. This claims to be matte, but I find it to be more of a demo-matte finish (unlike the Only 1 matte which is a full matte). It glides onto my hand really nicely and is super smooth. However, it can’t even begin to compare to the Only 1 matte which is incredibly soft and creamy. It doesn’t tug the slightest and I was shocked at how easily it moved.

Winner: The Only 1 Matte (either color)

Rating: 5/5



Both of these are great on pigment, but the Only 1 matte is a little better. The Kate Moss lipstick isn’t sheer, but it takes just the slightest bit of building up. The Only 1 matte is full coverage on the first swatch.

Winner: The Only 1 Matte (either color)

Rating: 5/5


Wear time:

I haven’t tried the Only 1 Matte on my lips so I can’t speak for that, however the Kate Moss one I have lasts about 2 hours without eating anything and 3 hours without drinking anything. Keep in mind the one I have is a nude. which typically has a shorter wear time than a darker shade.

Winner: Kate Moss lasting finish (by default)

Rating: 3.5/5


Limited edition: *

Neither of these are limited edition(?)

Winner: n/a

Rating: 5/5


Overall, I fell in love with the Only 1 matte (and I’m still not convinced I won’t buy it, or buy a lighter shade to see if the smell still bothers me). So if you’re someone who is not at all bothered by smell, you may like this, or like a shade from the line. However, I recommend testing in store if you’re at all unsure.

On the other hand, the Kate Moss lipstick isn’t bad, it just didn’t excel in any categories. The Boho Nude shade (56) is one of my favorite drugstore nudes (and often my go to lipstick because of how wearable it is for me) but here the shade was a tad too orange for me.

I’m tempted to get the Only 1 Matte, but I think I’ll keep looking.

Feel free to comment below with shades you think I should try!

Ciao bella!




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