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Nooner from the Naked 3 palette is one of my favorite shades of all time, let alone my favorite shade from the Naked 3 palette. I love a great taupe eyeshadow and a rosy taupe is even better! However, I recently bought a couple of eyeshadows from Kiko Milano (one was reviewed here) and I noticed that one of the shades from the Wet and Dry line in the color 46 seemed very similar to nooner. As soon as I got home, I tested both eyeshadows to see if they had any similarities.

Let’s check it out!

In the pan, the two shadows look identical. They’re both the same purple-grey shade that is incredibly beautiful.

As far as the formula compares, I think Kiko Milano has a more blendable formula with a lot more fall out (which I don’t mind). The Kiko Milano one is a little less pigmented, but I’m okay with that because then I get to build it up.

I included the shade limit also from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette because I thought it had some similar tones, but after swatching it I’ve determined it’s not that similar.

Nooner and 46 look virtually the same with only one swipe of pigment, however when they’re both swatched a few times (as shown above), they look a little different with nooner being darker and more rosy. When I blend them both out on the eye, they look exactly the same.

I would recommend buying the Kiko Milano single for a few reasons.

a) For travel it’s much easier to have a single with you then an entire palette. I’m actually writing this post while on vacation and I have that shadow with and have used it in almost every look.

b) The Kiko Milano single is much cheaper. This costs $9 and is on sale of $5.90 right now. The Urban Decay palette is $54. If you’re on a budget, or don’t think you’d use a whole palette, go with the Kiko Milano single. You save over $40!

c) I prefer the Kiko Milano formula because it’s easier to blend and build up. It’s truly up to you which formula you like better, but I think the Kiko Milano formula is easier to blend. Keep in mind that I always use it with the Urban Decay primer potion because my eyelids are so oily that nothing will adhere if I don’t apply an eyeshadow primer.

d) The Kiko Milano shadow has 2g of product while the Urban Decay shadow has 1.41g of product. If you know that this is a color you love and will use a lot, I would recommend buying a single of it so it’s easier to repurchase.

e) Finally, if you have a z-palette or a different type of custom palette, the Kiko Milano Wet or Dry eyeshadows pop out of their container easily and have magnetic bottoms. The shadows are kept in the container by magnet so if you tip them over they won’t fall out, however they’re really easy to remove by tucking your nail under the edge of the pan and pulling up.

Also, I’m happy to say that Kiko Milano ships internationally! Yay!

Ciao bella!




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