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I’ve had this palette since late August, and aside from posting a little about it on my Instagram story, I couldn’t talk much about it!

But the palette officially launched today, so now I’m free to post on this palette. Spoiler alert: I love it. I’m a fairly picky eyeshadow user, especially drugstore eyeshadows. I was fairly skeptical of this palette before I tried it on my eyes, but now there’s no question about the quality.

Keep reading to see all of my thoughts on this!

The packaging is made of the same material as the Colourpop Yes Please palette, and the formula is quite similar too. However, this packaging has a few things that made it seem a little higher end, like the adorable printed cats on the front and the fancy gold lettering.

The palette itself is fairly small (it measures about 4 by 4 inches), but the pans are large enough to swirl a brush in.

Even though it’s made of cardboard, it feels really sturdy. I’ve travelled with this before and am happy to report no shadows breaking or cracking.

The names of the colors aren’t listed on the palette, but they are on the reverse side, along with the ingredients and a description of the shades.

The first time I swatched this, I was in shock. Maybe because I was skeptical of the quality, or maybe because it’s exceptionally good, but either way I fell in love.

The mattes (duchess, cheshire, boots, strut) are incredibly smooth, and they don’t kick up too much powder. My favorite thing about these is that it’s almost impossible to apply too much. The shadows blend so well that I can soften out even the dark brown and plum colors to create a subtle eye look. These can also be built up for more of a smoky look.

The holographic shade (holographic) is truly holographic. I’d never worked with any form of holographic makeup, so I was pleasantly surprised with how they look! This shade is so buttery and incredibly pigmented.

The satin shades (purr, romeo, cateye) have a similar formula to the holographic shades, they just aren’t duo chrome. Some are more pigmented than others, but they all perform beautifully on my eyes. This formula is much better then the formula of the kitten shadows sold in singles (at least it’s better than the shade nala). Those shadows retail for $9, while this palette retails for $25

The glitter shade (9 lives) is sadly the only lackluster shade in the palette. It isn’t smooth or very pigmented, or even that glittery! The palette would’ve been fine (or maybe better) without it.

All of the shades last for most of the day on me. Keep in mind that I wear primer underneath, and have exceptionally oily eyes.

Oh the pigment!

Purr is a cool toned pink shade that I like to wear all over the lid or in the inner corner. The formula is buttery, and this shade simply glides onto my lid. I like to wear it with cheshire in the crease and romeo in the outer corner. This shade is unique to the palette.

Holographic is a duo chrome shade that is pink with an opal undertone. I consider this to be the second most pigmented shade, and one of the coolest to wear. It also works as a holographic highlighter, if you pat it onto your cheekbones with either a brush or a highlighter. This shade is unique to the palette.

Romeo is a bronzy-purple shade. The formula on this is okay. It’s not spectacular, but it’s nowhere near horrible either. I don’t wear this alone, though. I mainly wear it in the outer corner. This shade is available as a single.

Cheshire is a stunning plum. I adore purple eyeshadows, and this one is perfect! It blends nicely, so I’m never stuck with too bold of an eyeshadow or a patchy shadow. This shade is available as a single.

9 lives is a glittery smoky blue shade, that is in every eyeshadow palette ever like the original Naked or the Too Faced semi-sweet palette or the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette or any other neutral palette that wants some pop of colour. They all turn to sparkly blue! I’m not quite sure why. Anyways, I already mentioned that this shade is not very good. I hardly reach for it, primarily because I don’t use blue shades, but also because I have better ones. I really feel like this didn’t need to be included. This shade is unique to this palette.

Duchess is a matte white that I use to set my eyeshadow primer and highlight under the brow bone. It’s perfect for that! This shade is available as a single.

Strut is an awesome matte tan shade that I apply to the crease for a warm natural look. It blends seamlessly and it’s a beautiful warm eyeshadow. This shade is unique to this palette.

Cateye is the most pigmented eyeshadow in this palette, maybe ever. In the photo above, I only swiped my finger once and look at how bold it is! I typically don’t gravitate towards warm golds, but this one I love. This shade is unique to this palette.

Boots is a matte brown that I use occasionally in the crease, but mostly as a liner or to fill in my eyebrows. Its very soft and blends smoothly. This shade is available as a single.

Overall, this palette is amazing! It retails for $25, which is the same cost as it’s other five pan palettes (and frankly, I think the shadows are of higher quality in the Kitten palette). I highly recommend it for anyone who’s just starting out with makeup, or someone who wants a good palette that can give both a rosy neutral and brown neutral look.

Ciao bella!






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