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So I tend to keep an eye out for gimmicky products. I mean, what do I want more: a product that looks cool or a product that works? Sometimes both, but I’m mostly looking for things that do their job.

That’s why I was incredibly skeptical of this product. I’d checked it out on the website before I received it as PR and was really surprised that so many people liked this product. After I got it, it took me forever to test it out because primer isn’t something I wear when I’m trying to get my makeup done quick and I was testing out two other primers at the time.

Here’s the thing about Winky Lux: they boast that their prices are affordable, when in reality they’re sort of a middle ground between brands like Colourpop and brands like Too Faced. The prices are actually quite similar to brands like Covergirl or L’oreal- brands that were once cheap but are now drastically raising their prices.  At $19, it was the cheapest in my collection featuring the Hourglass mineral veil primer ($19/3 oz or $54/1.01oz), the Julep illuminating and mattifying primers ($28/1 oz), and my all time favorite BECCA first light priming filter ($38/30ml).

However, $19 still isn’t exactly cheap, so how does this stack up?

The packaging is nice. It’s got a cool design on the lid and the whole container is made of plastic. It looks nice. I think this type of packaging is expected from a brand like this- creative and pretty but not glass.

The product inside is so weird! That’s not a bad thing, it just has such an unusual consistently. It’s like the Hourglass Veil mineral primer, but this holds it’s shade. It has the same silicon feeling to it. At first, I was really confused how to pick up the product. I mean I could literally scoop it out, but swiping my finger on top resulted in me picking up clumps of product.

It turns out that it didn’t matter my method- scooping, swiping, or using a tool (if you worry about dipping your fingers into something), it always looked flawless once I applied it to my skin.

Do you see what I mean?

This was similar to other silicone based primers I’d tried. It instantly perfected my face, filled my pores, and created a beautiful base for my makeup. My current favorite foundation is the un-cover up (swatches here) by RMS, and I noticed that it blended into my skin much smoother on top of this primer.

Overall, I really like it. This product completely surprised me, both in the unusual formula and how stunning it looks on my face. I completely recommend picking it up!

Ciao bella!






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